Refsworld REF Flags


Refsworld Elite Flags REF FLAGS

Designed from the ground up

  • GRIP

    Custom engineered to our exacting specifications.
    Wonderfully weighted handle offering a well-balanced flag shaft (not top heavy).
    Solid rubber with thousands of raised nodes to offer you a secure grip.
    Perfect diameter to offer you effortless non-tiring performance.

  • End Cap

    Engineered to hold your flag in place with Refsworld's unique patented Push - Twist – Click (PTC) system.
    The PTC system allows easy removal of your flags for washing or cleaning.
    This feature was developed with feedback from our customers experiencing embarrassing flag failure on games with end caps falling off or the end cap unscrewing on its own.
    The PTC system will guarantee you worry free operation enabling you to concentrate on your game and not reaching down to keep on tightening the end.

  • Swivel Action

    Perfect and faultless flag swivel. 
    High quality automotive grade plastic tubing with a heavy inner tube core coupled with a perfectly balanced outer tube that holds the flag cloth to ensure consistent results. 
    Adding the weighted Refsworld Grip offers a secure feel with a professional non-tangle swivel every time.

  • The Weight

    We have actively sourced and tested materials that will ensure a premium feel with the perfect weight to give the REFs a solid and secure feel.
    Not top heavy giving clean lines when signalling.
    Will not make clicking noise with movement due to moving parts like other flags. 
    Each flag weighs in at just under 200 grams with the balance of the flag weighted towards the handle.

  • Flag Cloth
    Machine washable quality material with super bright fluorescent diamond pattern.

    Weighted plastic inner material sewn in the flag to aid the swivel and snap action for your signalling.
    Superb performance in the wet, flag material will not retain water and become heavy during use.
    Logo will barely notice the Refsworld Logo on the material. Many federations around the world do not allow prominent advertising on referee equipment.
  • Flag Case
    Luxurious looking faux leather with embossed Refsworld logo, secret compartment within to hold valuables. 
    A perfect addition to protect and complete your flag investment.
  • Warranty
    The REF FLAGS’s come with a lifetime warranty.

You have just found the world’s best referee flags


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