Molten Valkeen

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This fine referee whistle up until now it has been very hard to purchase outside Japan and most parts of the world.

The Valkeen is fast becoming the choice of professional referees around the world.

The Design

The creators of the Valkeen exhaustively studied the ideal sound and way of holding the whistle that best fits the sport, devoting efforts to extracting its essence.
By bringing this essence into reality, they wanted to provide a "Communication tool" that effectively conveys the referee's will and thoughts on the Pitch.

The Sound

“A rich clear-cut high-pitched tone that reaches every corner of the pitch (including surrounding pitches)

127.5dB - Matching that of the FOX 40 Blast, although we find that somehow it sounds a heck of a lot louder with gob smacking reach.

This is by far the easiest, loudest and most concise whistle blast we (Refsworld) have been able to achieve from a whistle to date.

The sound resonates and commands attention.

You will blow this and instantly get a bemused glare from your AR’s. We recently tested this amongst a group of referees and they could not believe the sound difference between the FOX 40 and the Valkeen.

You will be asked “what is it?” and be told “*&@#$ that’s loud."

This unique sounding whistle is pure indulgence for Football “soccer” use.

Tone quality ("soccer tuning"):

In VALKEEN, the upper resonance tube produces a 4.15 kHz tone and the lower resonance tube creates a 3.67 kHz tone.

These two frequencies interfere with each other to create a unique beat tone.

In addition, the largely protruding "fin" controls the flow of air to produce a quick, thick, and clear-cut sound, including high-order harmonic tones stretching as far as 4 octaves (patented).

VALKEEN has been perfected by testing more than 100 prototypes to realize the best combination of "tone pitch", "resonance", "tone richness", "clearness", and "resistance to blowing" that is required by a football referee.

Because the fundamental tone is stable, a wide variety of expressions. We found it so easy to vary a long list of sounds from this whistle. From the short sharp “small foul” to the long huge "misconduct” foul blast. The best way we can describe it is as follows. It’s like hearing four different whistles being blown at once, and the FULL resonating sound is amazing.

We've tested this whistle in many arenas. It won hands down when it came to pitch modulation and AUTHORITY on the park.

The VALKEEN is tuned to produce a sound best suited to a soccer stadium, and thus it may sound too harsh for futsal or basketball, which is played in a gym

Look and Feel

Once you take this unique whistle in your hand you will instinctively hold it from the end tip.

The molded mouthpiece edge sits perfectly in your mouth.

Using the “Refsworld tongue technique” for accentuated blasts, this whistle makes it easier than ever.

The mouth piece has a slightly wider that normal opening with a thicker than normal lip. We have found this very comfortable when you pop the Valkeen in your mouth in preparation to blast it.

The metal highlight on the back lends to the exclusive and up market feel to this whistle.

The makers state it will outlast any other whistle on the market.


Loudness scale out of 10

Valkeen 10++

Blast 10++

Fox Classic 8.5

Eclipse 8

Mini 7

Refsworld conclusion

We Love it!

The sound is simply unbeatable; you will find it hard to beat.

It is definitely one for your arsenal of whistles.

It is our new favorite whistle for outdoor big game football.

Contents as seen in presentation box
Valkeen Whistle
3 x Finger Grips
1 x Valkeen Lanyard

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