Card Skins (12 Pack)


Re-usable card skins.
Can be used a minimum of 20 games (depends how card happy you are)
Will work with either pen or pencil.
Work in the wet conditions
Can be peeled off and attached to match reports if required.
Yellow card skin

Provisions to record the shirt number and time and code of first offense.
If the culprit is unlucky enough to offend again space if provided to put in the time of the second offense.
Red card skin
Layout of the pitch; this enables you to record your position, the balls position and the position the infringement took place.
The offense codes are listed on the bottom of each flash card. Red / Yellow flash cards also have the intuitive design that prompts you to record all the aspects off the infringements.
Set includes

12 x Yellow card skins

12 x Red card skins


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