Fox 40 Sonik Blast CMG


We have tested this amazing whistle, it is simply incredible.

Fantastically easy to get a magnificent blast.

Many who have heard it action instantly want one. I personally will now use this as my standard match whistle.

Modulation between a small blast and a massive sound will take you minutes to master.

Same length and height as the Fox Classic, marginally wider mouth piece.

Cannot be placed upside down in the mouth, both sides are similar.

Advanced science and technology makes the Sonik Blast Pea less Whistle the most efficient whistle in its class!

Precise whistle chamber calibration assures pure frequency performance; less effort, crisper sound.

Flawless patented pea less whistle emits distinct louder pitch without a lot of effort. Cannot be overblown. Superior clear loud blast can be heard over long distances and intense ambient noise.

Cushioned Mouth Grip provides additional comfort and is perfect for reliably holding the whistle in the mouth in wet conditions

Sound Power: exceeds 120 dB

A warning, this is a very loud product, please be aware of where you blow it.

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